2016 Pups

  Please call for information regarding planned breedings for 2016.

A $100 deposit is required to hold a pup from these breedings.

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                  Scott and Denise Kossan 






                    2015 Started Dogs

      We currently do not have started dogs available for 2015.


How big are pudelpointers as adults?

      Pudelpointers typically are between 23” to 26”  and are 45 - 65 lbs.

Do pudelpointers shed?

      Pudelpointers shed very little if not at all.

Do coats differ?

      Yes, coats can be smooth or slick to heavy and wooly. The ideal coat is dense                    

       and harsh or wiry.

Can you tell the type of coat on a 8 week old pup?

       We can tell if the pup will be very smooth or very wooly. Those in between can be a bit  

         more difficult to predict although we have done very well placing pups close to what

         individuals would prefer in a coat. Because pudelpointer coats do change very much over

         the course of a year and some times throughout the life of the dog we can not guarantee


Are they hypo allergenic?

       I refrain from saying they are hypo allergenic but we have had countless

        individuals with allergies spend time with our dogs and have reported no 


What colors are pudelpointers?

        Colors can range from light brown to very dark brown and sometimes black. Patches     

         of white on the chest and feet are common.

What is there life expectancy?

        12 to 14 years would be a very typical life span.

Do they make good house dogs or good kennel dogs?

        Pudelpointers are comfortable in the home or in the kennel. Ask anyone who

         owns one and they will tell you that they are not hyper dogs.

Are they good around kids and other dogs?

        Having trained and handled police K-9’s for ten years and being very familiar with canine   

        aggression, I can tell you that our pudelpointers show no aggression toward people or other



Do they have any inherent health issues?

         No reoccurring inherent health issues are know to affect pudelpointers.

Are the dam and sire tested for hip dyslasia?

       All of our dogs are certified either OFA or  PENN HIP.

Is it OK to ship a pup by plane?

        We are very experienced with shipping dogs via air cargo. We have flown dogs to

        over 40 different states, Nome, AK and over seas to Europe. Air shipment has

         never been a problem and has always been safe for the pup.

Do they need a lot of exercise?

      The harder you run and exercise your dog the longer he will hunt for you. If you do nothing

        to condition your dog then your day in the field will be much shorter. Do they

        get destructive if they don’t get exercise? No, they get out of shape.

Are they good in cold or hot weather?

       We have run our pudelpointers on the dog sled in -20 F.  We have hunted

        sharptail in North Dakota in 90 F. Yes, they do well in cold and hot


Do the pups get socialization or any training before they are placed with their new owners?

        All of our litters are whelped in our home. The pups are not moved out to our kennel puppy 

        room until they are 4 weeks old. We are a home school family with many kids around at all

        times. Yes, the pups see many kids, that’s socialization. We do start the pups on some training.

        When you visit our kennel you will see the unique way the pups are conditioned to the

        beginning stages of gun fire. Weather permitting we try to get the pups swimming and as a  

        group they are taken on very short puppy exposer hikes.

Can pudelpointers be used to hunt for deer sheds?

        Very simply, yes. I also believe that most breeds can be trained to retrieve sheds. Even non-

         sporting dogs can be used to hunt for sheds if they have a high ball drive. This should not be

          your main or only reason for purchasing a pudelpointer.

Can pudelpointers be used for blood tracking?

         Blood tracking for big game has never taken off in the U.S. as it has in Europe. Pudelpointers

           as with most versatile breeds can be trained for blood tracking. A pudelpointer will blood

           track for you but once again I do not believe this should be your main or only reason for

           purchasing a pudelpointer.   

How are the pups in a litter placed with new owners? Who gets the pick of the litter?

        Pups are placed in the order we receive deposits. We help guide individuals in choosing a pup

        that we believe will as closely as possible match there coat preference. Pick of the litter

        means nothing more than being the first to pick a pup. Nobody can determine which 8 week 

        old pup in a litter will be the “best” dog as an adult and certainly not after spending a few

        hours with the pups on the day they pick up their pup. Breeders should be breeding for

        outstanding litters not outstanding individual pups.

I am not interested in field trials or NAVHDA tests, can I still get a pudelpointer?

        Our requirement is that pups go to homes that are going to hunt the dog. We would like for all

        of our pups to be tested in NAVHDA but we do not require it. We do give preference when we

        sell pups to those who are excited to join NAVHDA and are eager to test the dog through


        Please visit the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association at www.navhda.org 

Will pudelpointers retrieve waterfowl?

        Yes. Pudelpointers are excellent dogs for waterfowl. If you hunt ducks or geese in the field or   

         over water, early or late season you will find that pudelpointers will fulfill all your retrieving


Will pudelpointers work in all terrain and handle all species of game birds?

        You can find pudelpointers from Alaska to Florida, Maine to Arizona and every state in

         between across all of North America hunting the game birds particular to those areas.

Is a pudelpointer a good fit for me and my family?

        That is a question that I am afraid I can not answer for you.      

    Our dogs are bred for their love of hunting and for a cooperative nature. Before we consider a breeding, both dogs must prove to be mentally and physically sound. The dogs must show great purpose, desire, and a fiery intensity in the search and handling of wild game. A cooperative nature in the field and at home is imperative. Since our dogs are bred for hunting we place them only in homes that are avid hunting enthusiasts and we encourage owners to participate in the NAVHDA system of evaluating dogs.

    Much consideration must go into any successful breeding program. We understand that any dog lacking a cooperative nature or any of the following attributes; desire, nose, search, endurance, the love of water, and an intense pointing instinct will leave you frustrated with an empty game bag. 

   We stand behind our breeding program and guarantee our dogs to be free of genetic defects and for hunting ability. We believe we have the most extensive guarantee you will find. We do not require any owner contracts or have any hidden stipulations.  

   All litters are whelped inside of our home and will stay inside our home until 4 weeks old. The litter is then moved to the kennel office with the dam where they have free access to the inside and outside of the kennel run. Weather permitting all the pups spend their days loafing in the yard close to all members of our family.

   The older dogs patiently wait for the pups to be released from their portable  feeding and rest pen.

      Training starts with all of the pups as a group in the form of short romps in the pasture, grass, woods, trails and to the pond. Chasing frogs, butterflies and kids is encouraged.

                                      “ I am Salt, I am 7 weeks old and I can swim!”

   Weather permitting, it is not uncommon for us to have our litters of pups swimming at 7 to 8 weeks old!

Play the video above to watch a typical day at our pond with 7 week old pups.

     From day one it is imperative for proper development that the pups live in a clean healthy environment and that they are properly developing with quality nutrition and a vaccination/de-worming schedule.

   We strive to give the pups a lot of human contact and contact with our older dogs. Exposure to many different field environments and desensitizing them to sharp noises is all part of getting our pups off to a great start.

   It is important for us to get all of our pups started in the right direction, after all, they will carry our name where ever their future may take them.

        Available for Stud

                              Rock Creek Jethro (Abe)

                                NA Prize 1, 112 points

                                UT Prize 1, 198 points

                              NAVHDA #PP-002146

                                 OFA #PP-357G64M 

                                   Height: 25 inches

                                    Weight: 61 pounds

                          Coat: Med Dense/ Med Harsh

                                        Eyes: Normal

                                        Bite: Normal

   Abe is from a NAVHDA NA Breeders Award Litter

Abe is available for stud to approved dams. For more      info please call.



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