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Rock Creek Kennel, a NAVHDA registered kennel, is located in the St. Croix River Valley approximately one hour north of the Twin Cities in East Central Minnesota. We have trained and handled many different breeds of dogs including most of the gun dog breeds, hounds and Police K9's but it is the hunting, training and breeding of the Pudelpointer that has become our passion.

Our first Pudelpointers were acquired in 1995 from one of the founders of the breed in North America, Dr. Jacob Lulack of Birchwood Kennels who has owned, imported and bred Pudelpointers since 1964. Dr. Lulack, a senior test judge, has been involved in the developement of the NAVHDA movement from the beginning as one of NAVHDA's original grandfathers. As one of the founders of the Pudelpointer Club of North America (PCNA) he was the long time keeper of the original Pudelpointer stud book.

Dr. Lulack's breeding program and success can not be denied as one of the cornerstones of the breed in North America. Nearly all pedigrees of Pudelpointers bred in North America reveal Birchwoods influence.

Impressed with the hunting prowess and trainability of our first Birchwoods Pudelpointers, we started our breeding program with encouragement, guidance and insight from Dr. Lulack.

(Nebraska hunt with Dr. Lulack)

We are avid waterfowl and upland game enthusiasts who hunt extensively throughout the season. Pursuing a wide varity of game in numerous states we have found the Pudelpointer has always readily adapted to any terrain, cover, climate and game being pursued. They have the staying power and endurance to last throughout the demanding hunting season from September through January. In the off season we train and test our dogs through NAVHDA and to its standards.

Our dogs are bred for their love of hunting and for a cooperative nature. Before we consider a breeding, both dogs must prove to be mentally and physically sound. The dogs must show great purpose, desire and a fiery intensity in the search of wild game and must demonstrate an exceptional ability to handle wild game. A cooperative nature in the field and at home is imperative. Since our dogs are bred for hunting we place them only in homes that are avid hunting enthusiasts and we encourage owners to participate in the NAVHDA system of evaluating dogs.

Much consideration must go into any successful breeding program. We understand that any dog lacking just one of the following attributes; desire, nose, search, endurance, the love of water and an intense pointing instinct or one that possesses an uncooperative nature or that is mentally or physically unsound will leave you frustrated with an empty game bag.

We stand behind our breeding program and guarantee our dogs to be free of genetic defects and for hunting ability. We believe we have the most extensive guarantee you will find. We do not require any owner contracts or have any hidden stipulations. We hope that future owners take advantage of the training and testing of their pup through the NAVHDA system and ask that only avid hunting enthusiasts inquire to purchase a pup.



Listed below you will find the dogs that are currently owned and housed at our kennel and those that have since passed. All of our dogs are hunted on wild birds throughout the season.


Rock Creek Asher

NA Prize 2, 103 Points


Rock Creek Benaiah (Ben)

NA Prize 3, 102 Points

UT Prize 3, 168 Points (18 months)

NAVHDA Breeders Awards Sired

2006 X Birchwoods Siren

Rock Creek Bela (Maddie)

NA Prize 3, 103 Points

2008 NAVHDA Breeders Award

Rock Creek Bozydar

NA Prize 1, 112 Points


Rock Creek Calcol (Cal)

NA Prize 1, 112 Points

NAVHDA Breeders Awards Sired

2008 X Rock Creek Bela

Rock Creek Echo

NA Prize 1, 110 Points

2008 NAVHDA Breeders Award

Rock Creek Jethro (Abe)

NA Prize 1, 112 Points

Rock Creek Jordan ( JO )

NA Prize 2, 102 Points

Rock Creek Jubilee (Juby)

NA Prize 2, 97 Points

Birchwood's Neptune (Nash)

NA Prize 1, 108 Points

UT Prize 2, 173 Points

NAVHDA Breeders Awards Sired

2002 X Birchwoods Siren

2005 X Cedarwoods Destiny

2008 X Rock Creek Echo

Birchwood's Siren (Sage)

NA Prize 2, 101 Points

2002 NAVHDA Breeders Award

2006 NAVHDA Breeders Award

And to 12 year old Erin for her first bird!





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