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Litters and Available Dogs

Planned breedings and available pups from Rock Creek litters.

The litters on the ground today have been spoken for before they were born. Any pup that you would purchase would be from a future planned breeding. Long waiting lists can be very difficult to manage and when you are dealing with mother nature and an extended waiting period for a pup, there can often be disappointment for future owners and us alike. After many years of struggling with lists, we now practice keeping our waiting list fairly short and attempt to place the pups under a year from the time we add individuals on our list.

To Reserve a Rock Creek Pup

To reserve a pup and to be placed on our waiting list, please e-mail us. We will respond back whether our list is currently open or closed. If the list is open, we will advise you to call by phone to discuss a future pup. If our list is closed, we will advise you when to check back. Our list can open or close very rapidly depending on how cooperative mother nature has been, considering heat cycles, successful breedings, and litter size. We do this to keep our list and wait times as short as possible. At times, we will also post on our Facebook page when our list is open or closed.

Started Dogs for Sale

Occasionally, we will have started dogs for sale. Please e-mail to inquire if we have started dogs available.

Rock Creek Dogs Available for Stud

Please call by phone regarding current dogs available at stud to approved dams.

We are experienced with shipping semen for the purpose of artificial insemination. If you prefer to ship your female to us, we are very successful with live cover breedings regardless of the dams experience, temperment or size considerations.

Our males are tested for semen quality and screened prior to AI shipments.

All live cover breedings require a brucellosis screening of the dam.

                                        "FROZEN SEMEN ONLY"


                                          Rock Creek Jethro (Abe)

                                            NA Prize 1, 112 points

                                             UT Prize 1, 198 points

                                             NAVHDA #PP-002146

                                              OFA #PP-357G64M 

                                                Height: 25 inches

                                               Weight: 61 pounds


                                    12 NAVHDA Sired Breeders Awards

         14 UT qualified dogs with 6 UT Prize 1's and one Versatile Champion

                        Abe is from a NAVHDA NA Breeders Award Litter


Healthy, happy, and stable pups start with the breeder prior to the moment of conception.

        Rock Creek Edmund Fitzgerald (Eddy)

                   NA Prize 3, 104 Points

                   UT Prize 1, 198 Points

                   NAVHDA #PP-004245

                   OFA #PP-503E24M-PI

                       Height: 26 inches

                     Weight: 60 pounds

         9 NAVHDA Sired Breeders Awards

            4 UT qualified dogs 1 UT Prize 1

Eddy is from a NAVHDA NA Breeders Award Litter

                     Rock Creek Leif (Leif)

                     NA Prize 3, 100 Points

                     UT Prize 1, 198 Points

                     NAVHDA #PP-004819

                   OFA # PP-567G29M-VPI

                          Height: 26 inches

                         Weight: 61 pounds

  Leif is from a NAVHDA NA Breeders Award Litter


                               Rock Creek Bozydar (Boze)

                                    NA Prize 1, 112 Points

                                    NAVHDA #PP-002392

                                     Penhip LT .32 RT .32

                                        Height: 24 inches

                                       Weight: 53 pounds

                         6 NAVHDA Sired Breeders Awards

7 UT qualified dogs with 5 UT Prize 1's and two Versatile Champions